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Selected Works

Here on my SELECTED WORKS page I have images of several of my carvings. Some might be large and impressive with the wings out. This shows power, speed and drama in the art. These are fun to carve but my business is more focused on tourist visitors . They tend to be on vacation and want a wood carving in the smaller size at a lower price.  So the big pieces sell for more but most of my sales are for carvings that sell in the $85.00 to $225.00 range. I do carve bigger pieces on display so I have something for everyone who views my work. My ebay store has many carvings for sale with my price and FREE postage.

Crow with Strawberry
Pileated Woodpecker
Flying Raven
Flying Osprey With Yellow Perch
Herring Gull  With Fish On Power Wheel
Driftwood Garden Sculpture
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