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Personalized Approach

I am Roland LaVallee. I run a one person carving business here in Eastport, Maine. Putting quality into my productions is my driving force. I do enjoy working with items of nature putting my talents to work and in the end creating beautiful art.

From The Start

I was raised  in Terryville, Connecticut  on a lake located in the country. This lake was on a mountain about four miles from downtown. I spent my free time in the woods picking blueberries, looking for caves and catching snakes. Things were different back then. Today I rarely see kids in the woods. High school years time was spent hunting and fishing and doing many taxidermy projects. Wild woodcraft was a early skill I learned and also I have to say I caught myself a few squirrels in home made box traps.

Business In Maine

 I moved to Maine in 1977 and worked in a textile mill and carved  decoys and birds on a part time basis. As time moves on I had the desire to carve steady while making money at it. The idea to carve wildlife which was  common at the time, but it might be endangered in the far future seemed good. Now

in this day I find that the whole wildlife ecosystem might be moving to collapse due to changes in the earth's temperatures. Man for my early thoughts I never thought a disaster would happen so soon. So now I run CROW TRACKS to satisfy my need to carve and sell my carvings to visiting people through my gallery/shop during the summer months and also sales on the internet. These customers love my carvings of birds and animals. They have good stories to share about wildlife encounters in their life and they are concerned about the future of our wildlfe populations. Well to sum it up selling carvings to people who appreciate wildlife, art and Maine seems to be just my speed.

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